Vrútky Apartment

Vrútky, Slovakia

77,28 m2



The apartment is located on the 2nd floor of the original brick block of flats and offers a unique view on Martinské hole. Situated on the south side of the world it offers the use of all-day sunshine with romantic sunset from the kitchen. The block of flats is situated in a quiet part of the town of Vrútky in close proximity to the town swimming pool. It will undergo a comprehensive reconstruciton in the exterior an in the common areas which will not affect the interior of the apartment itself. There are three more flats in the block of flats.

Room layout

The apartment is situated on the highest second floor with common central staircase leading to it. The apartment is privately owned by our client who sell it in cooperation with TOLICCI. Design of the apartment has undergone a complete change of the original layout with a focus on the use of open space, design and daylight. The original floor, partitions and plasters have been completely renovated.
Upon entering the corridor (32 ft²) there is a separate bathroom (64 ft²) and next to it separate toilet (10 ft²). The corridor takes us to the kitchen with the dining room (182 ft²) and then to living room (193 ft²). Through the sliding door we get from the living room to open work room (64 ft²) which is next to the bedroom (86 ft²). From the bedroom is possible to enter corridor again. The apartment has its own balcony (11 ft²) with enter from the living room.

Design and materials

The founder of brand TOLICCI – Ing. Tomáš Belica, is also the author of a design of an apartment. The concept was created in his imagination for an individual who likes aesthetics, design and prefers first-class materials and clean air lines. The second potential client can be young childfree couple who likes quiet environment and luxury.
Design respects identity of TOLICCI interior design, built on earthy shades in contrast with glass, marble, natural elements, design specialties and details in a gold metal. This combination guarantees unageing elegance with a hallmark of luxury. You can feel the manuscript of this combination in the whole interior, in every room. Natural element of mossy veneer repeated in the whole design concept of the apartment, add the uniqueness of the design of this property.

The equipment is carefully selected from the first-class Italian manufacturers such as Minotti and Galotti&Radice. Within the bounds of lighting it is custom made lights in the bathroom by the high-quality Czech manufacturer Luxlighting, the corridor creates built-in plastic piece from Italian brand Flos in the combination with luxury gold-plated Portuguese lights Boca do Lobo. The bathroom is tiled with genuine Italian onyx in green-white patterns and special marble from Madagascar which is luxury dominant feature on the whole panel and floor in front of the panel. In the kitchen shows up special design light from Italian brand Foscarini. Dominant feature is the kitchen island tiled with the same marble as in the bathroom with golden bordering. In the open work room there are lights from brand Panzeri again, gold-plated with real gold. Design of the lights top up cristal net from German manufacturer Inga Maurer in the bedroom. Accessories and works of art, such as custom made artworkt in the kitchen from precious metals (gold and platinum) by artist Gordana Turuk or details such as pillows and bed linen from world-famous brand Versace, collection Versace Home and Armani, are the last detail that closes this design and material concept of this special apartment.

Technical specifications & equipment

  • the apartment is equiped with intelligent mobile SMART use of the lights, heating and built-in sound system in the ceiling
  • high-quality all-aluminum plaster-in door frames and building sleeves
  • sound system is built-in the ceiling in the bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • heating is solved through the common boiler in the basement of the block of flats. In the apartment there are clean design radiators in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and work room with the bedroom.
  • complementary floor heating through electric floor mat is in the bathroom and the kitchen

Price and purchase

The price for the apartment is 150 000 EUR without VAT. The price includes the apartment itself as a property, separate cellar (75 ft²), comprehensive implementation of design with documentation and supervision, all equipment and furniture with accessories as shown on the visualisations, in the description and in the technical – design documentation. Everything ready so you can move in immediately. Estimated time of implementation for our team is 3 months until the handover of the apartment. The exact time will be determined by the current situation on the client´s part, implementation team and team of suppliers of products for this property.

Become an owner of this exclusive and unique property.

Send us your contact details with your interest in purchase of this property on apartments@tolicci.com or call +421 902 826 351