The idea of origin

TOLICCI Design Apartments represents a group of individual luxury real estate properties designated for sale to the final client. Behind this idea is the experience of several years of the founder of the brand, his designer team and group of suppliers and implementors in the field of interior design – professional interior design with emphasis on the first-class aesthetic of design, quality of selected and used materials and quality of design. On the basis of these experiences and demand from clients was created the concept of designs of unique and special real estate properties using all the experience of TOLICCI team as a finished product designated for sale to the client – property implemented exactly according to the submitted proposal from our real estate offer in the hands of the client.

Benefits of TOLICCI Design Apartments

TOLICCI Design Apartments are always characterized with unique position (mainly with the emphasis on the floor height and the possibility of view on surroundings), special location (in interesting development locations), unique aesthetics (the use of extraordinary design elements, materials and their combinations in a perfect manuscript with whole object), first-class material composition of products (products from quality, renowned, mostly Italian brands) and comfort (use of technologies and unusual technical and design specialties facilitating the client´s life). We consider saving time as one of the great benefits for client. He gets what he sees on the visualisations, he doesn´t have to pay attention to the actual implementation. We will hand over the property to him after previously agreed time. This way he can fully devote himself to his activities while we work on his property exactly the way the design was made and confirmed. As a matter of course is a potential service after the move in in a case you would like to modify something afterwards.

Real estate purchase

The amount listed in our offer includes the price of the property and the entire implementation with all the products and equipment as it is set in description in full accordance with the presented visualizations. The procedure for buying a property depends on the property status – if it´s owned by TOLICCI, other person, or developer. After the signing of the agreement about cooperation and after the payment of certain amount, follows the purchase of the property and the beginnings of its implementation by our team until the delivery deadline which is agreed in advance. In each property we offer the possibility of partial modificatoins from the original interior design to the unique client´s requests in different ranges. Some parts of design may be purposeful open so we can fully meet the client´s requirements. These are written down in advance before the implementation and are incorporated into the implementation process. For example furniture elements and their internal layout, which client determines and we will incorporate these requirements in the implementation. After the implementation comes handing over the interior to the client and the immediate possibility of moving in and using the property.

This way, comfortably and at a pre-arranged time we will create a perfect product – first-class property for final client without any worries on his side and with the connection of our and his idea of an extraordinary living.